This IPA chart is based on pronunciation for General American English in the Cambridge online dictionary.

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Place of Articulation Phoneme Example
Nasal /m/
man, lamb, lemon
no, ten, tenor
sing, finger
Stop /b/
bad, lab, neighbor
pet, map, happen
tea, get, water
did, lad, ladder
cat, back, maker
give, flag, hugger
Fricative /f/
find, if, effect
voice, five, liver
think, both, Othello
this, mother, other
sun, miss, risky
zoo, haze, lazy
she, crash, passionate
pleasure, vision
Place of Articulation Phoneme Example
Affricate /tʃ/
check, lurch, butcher
just, large, adjust
Lateral /l/ leg, alter (light /l/)
pull, tell (dark /l/)
Rhotic /r/ red, core, borrow
Semi-Vowel /j/
yes, yellow
wet, window