Thinking as a Medium of Art

The same mind that calculates costs and benefits can also ponder the great mysteries. Most of our education and intellectual lives are focused on finding ways to improve our relationships, get a better job, learn a skill, change society. However, the thinking mind can also be disconnected from economic reasoning that seeks value in transactions. Thinking can also become a form of play.

Commercial art is engaged in for profit. We often consume this for entertainment. Fine art, generally ignores the market and is pursued as an ends in itself. We can explore these ideas as ends in themselves, no purpose is required. Thinking can also become a form of art that is far more engaging than mere diversion.

A key element of thinking are discussions. This is our chance to engage with other minds and explore meaning, knowledge, purpose, art, morality, politics, science. To engage in any conversation, one first must have a certain facility with language. And so, this becomes a key component in being able to express an ones thoughts.

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