IPA Chart

IPA vowel chart based on General American English pronunciation in the Cambridge online dictionary.

Videos for Learning Phonemes

Examples of Phonemes and Diphthongs

Audio Phoneme Example
/ iː/
/ ɪ/
/ e/
/ æ/
/ uː/
/ ʊ/
/ ʌ/
/ ɑ/
/ ɑː/
/ aɪ/
beat /biːt/
bit /bɪt/
bet /bet/
bat /bæt/
boot /buːt/
book /bʊk/
but /bʌt/
bought /bɑːt/
on /ɑːn/
I /aɪ/
Audio Phoneme Example
/ iː/
/ ə/
/ ə/
/ ə/
/ eɪ/
/ aʊ/
/ ɔɪ/
/ oʊ/
/ ɚ/
/ ɝː/
my /maɪ/
a /ə/
of /əv/
the /ðə/
bait /beɪt/
out /aʊt/
boy /bɔɪ/
boat /boʊt/
butter /ˈbət̬.ɚ/
bird /bɝːd/