AI: a window into human nature.

Location: Tainan, Taiwan
Date: July 2, 2023
Time: 19:00 – 21:00

Artificial intelligence (AI) is used at an ever-increasing rate in many aspects of our daily lives: financial services, health care, academic papers, genetic research. Is this technology fundamentally different from past innovations? Using language as a prompt, AI can write essays, pass bar exams, create mathematical proofs, as well as generate art, music, videos,  poems, and create devastating weapons. Are we outsourcing our humanity? Will AI take our jobs? Will it take our lives?

Is communicating with an artificial intelligence similar to talking to a person? Does a machine intelligence create solutions that align with human goals? If we really understood the nature of AI, would we discover something unexpected? Talking to an AI system can be an endless conversation. Is everything just one extended narrative? Exploring these questions is also a window into who we are.

Join our discussion with Sean Lee, PhD physics and a career in innovation and technology.

Recommended Reading:  Life 3.0 by Max Tegmark.

This book is available in English as well as Traditional Chinese.

The book has many self-contained sections so you can skip around. Suggestion: start by reading the summary at the end of each chapter. If any of the topics interest you, find the relevant section and read the details.

This book is now six years old. Beware of his predictions. Much of what he says is already outdated.

The Mandarin book is available at Cao Ji to read on site.

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