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Kafka: Alienation, Transformation, Obligation


July 24, 2022. Tainan, Taiwan
This classic work has been in print in scores of languages for over 100 years. While the story has a simple plot--Gregor Samsa awakens one morning to discover he is an insert--the meaning is infused with major issues of modernity.
Kafka: Alienation, Transformation, Obligation2022-07-10T07:57:12+00:00

Metaphors: The Building Blocks of Thought


June 26, 2022. Tainan, Taiwan.
Since the 1980s linguists, most notably George Lakoff at the University California at Berkeley, have explored how almost every feature of language is a metaphor.
Metaphors: The Building Blocks of Thought2022-07-15T06:14:14+00:00

Epistemology: The Foundations of Knowledge


July 30, 2021. Tainan, Taiwan.
We are inundated with claims about the world. Are they true? Can a person be believed? How can an opinion or belief be turned into knowledge? But first, we need to explore some basics, many of which are introduced in elementary algebra and geometry classes.
Epistemology: The Foundations of Knowledge2022-07-09T00:11:58+00:00

Pronunciation Practice


August 28, 2021. Tainan, Taiwan
We will practice and discuss pronunciation using IPA. While the primary focus will be on improving Mandarin and English, the IPA approach is applicable to all languages and accents.
Pronunciation Practice

National Identity


June 18, 2021. Tainan, Taiwan
While national identity is a complex topic, the rhetoric is generally built on two fundamental principles that are often in conflict, historic determination and self-determination.
National Identity2022-07-09T00:13:08+00:00

Existentialism and Firebelly


March 10, 2021. Tainan, Taiwan.
Existentialism had dominated both philosophy and art since the beginning of the 20th century. We will discuss how existentialism is expressed in the novel Firebelly.
Existentialism and Firebelly2022-07-09T00:32:34+00:00

Free Linguistics and Pronunciation Class


Tainan, Taiwan.
Free pronunciation and linguistics class for English leaners. Class focuses on the anatomy of making linguistic sounds with the help of IPA. IPA, the International Phontic Alphabet, is the international standard for pronunciation.
Free Linguistics and Pronunciation Class2022-07-09T00:38:43+00:00

IPA and Zhuyin Consonants and Vowels


Pronunciation charts for Mandarin consonants and vowels with Zhuyin, Pinyin, and IPA. 普通話母音:珠音和国际音标和拼音

IPA and Zhuyin Consonants and Vowels2022-07-08T01:56:15+00:00

American English Vowels


IPA vowel chart for General American English based on the Cambridge Dictionary.

American English Vowels2022-07-07T13:54:22+00:00
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