Art and Feminism

June 29, 2024 11:30 am. Tainan, Taiwan
For much of history, women played the role of muse or lover for male writers and artists. When women did compose, they used pseudonyms to avoid the bias that women were not able to created original works. Join us for a chance to talk about artists and cultural projects from women, especially those who have used their work to raise awareness about feminist issues.

Feminism and Patriarchy

May 26, 2024. Hanoi, Vietnam
Feminism is one of the most significant social and political movements in history. While modern feminism has many different attitudes and positions, many agree on the central problem: patriarchy. But what is it? Join us for a discussion about the origins of patriachy with detours into Marxism, Structuralism, and Deconstruction.

Energy: Nuclear

April 7, 2024. Hanoi, Vietnam
Problems with waste disposal, nuclear disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima, and connections to nuclear weapon have made strong arguments against nuclear energy. However, with the global focus on greenhouse gasses, should nuclear energy be reconsidered? Join us for a discussion of the pros and cons.

Energy: Wind

Feb 18, 2024. Tainan, Taiwan
Offshore wind energy is a cornerstone of Taiwan's Net Zero strategy. The plan includes developing key components domestically. An engineer from one of the leading research and development teams in Taiwan will discuss floating wind turbines, a new and innovative technology.

Energy: Net Zero

Feb 18, 2024. Tainan, Taiwan
After the 2015 Paris Agreement, countries agreed to limit global warming to below 2 degrees Celsius. Since then, governments and businesses have committed to achieving net zero emissions. We will explore some of the strategies behind the initiative to make sure the release and removal of greenhouse gases are equal.

Energy: Taiwan and Beyond

Jan 28, 2024. Tainan, Taiwan
Symposia on Energy, Part I of IV: What is energy and how is it stored? What are some of the renewable energy plans for Taiwan? What policies drive development and incentivise businesses? What are some of the challenges to developing solar energy in Taiwan?

Biological vs Machine Intelligence

Oct 22, 2023. Hanoi, Vietnam
Biological intelligence is measured by adaptation to the environment, machine intelligence by its usefulness to humans. The results are two domains separated by very high walls. For a peek over the ramparts, join our discussion for a unique insight into mind and machine.

Sound Design and Society

June 4, 2023. Tainan, Taiwan
Every object in motion makes a sound. In film, sound designers decide what to add what to leave unheard. In everyday life, we experience layers of sound almost continually. What can we learn if we apply the tools of the sound designer to a social movement?

Artificial Intelligence: A Window into Human Nature

July 2, 2023. Tainan, Taiwan
In a very short time, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a significant factor in our everyday lives. Is AI fundamentally different from past technologies? Are we outsourcing our humanity? Will AI take our jobs? Will it take our lives? This may be one of the most important topics of this century. Join our discussion with Sean Lee, PhD physics.
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