Modern Uses of Ancient Ideas: Confucius 孔夫子

August 28, 2022. Tainan, Taiwan
Confucius, 孔子, and Confucianism, 儒家, has been at the center of Asian thought for almost two thousand years. After a hiatus of several decades in the 20th century, Confucian thought is now experiencing a renewed interest.

Kafka: Alienation, Transformation, Obligation

July 24, 2022. Tainan, Taiwan
This classic work has been in print in scores of languages for over 100 years. While the story has a simple plot--Gregor Samsa awakens one morning to discover he is an insert--the meaning is infused with major issues of modernity.

Metaphors: The Building Blocks of Thought

June 26, 2022. Tainan, Taiwan.
Since the 1980s linguists, most notably George Lakoff at the University California at Berkeley, have explored how almost every feature of language is a metaphor.

Epistemology: The Foundations of Knowledge

July 30, 2021. Tainan, Taiwan.
We are inundated with claims about the world. Are they true? Can a person be believed? How can an opinion or belief be turned into knowledge? But first, we need to explore some basics, many of which are introduced in elementary algebra and geometry classes.
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