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Determinism and Chinese Puppetry

We produce it. We consume it. We rely on it. But what is it?

A four part discussion on energy:  basic science, renewable energy, nuclear energy, usage and attitudes about various sources, market incentives and policies.

Part I: Energy Basics and Renewable Energy in Taiwan. After a basic description of the physics of energy, we will explore renewable/clean energy especially as related to Taiwan. We will especially focus on solar energy in Taiwan.

Part II:  Net-Zero Emissions. Small businesses, large corporations, and than seventy governments have policies to achieve net-zero emissions, which means for every molecule of gas generated during some human activity an existing molecule needs to be removed, hence net-zero. We will explore the technology involved with remove greenhouse gases such as carbon capture and storage, political initiatives and policies of various governments, and the financial incentives that drive investment in a net-zero outcome.

Part III: Wind energy is a cornerstone of most green energy and Net Zero initiatives. We will discuss some of the technologies currently under development in Taiwan.

Part IV: Nuclear Energy. What countries are using nuclear energy? How have attitudes changes? In particular, we will look at France, which generates more energy from nuclear than any other country, and Taiwan which is in the process of decommissioning its nuclear reactors.

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Sundays: Jan 28, Feb 18, Feb 25, TBD

19:30 – 21:30 (Taiwan Time UTC + 8)

(Taiwan: 7:30pm, Vietnam: 6:30pm, France: 12:30pm, Germany : 12:30pm, USA EST 6:30 am)

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