Wind Energy in Taiwan

Offshore wind energy is a cornerstone of Taiwan’s Net Zero strategy. The plan includes developing key components domestically and implementing these systems in an ecological and environmentally sustainable manner.

By 2050, the projection is that offshore wind farms will generate 50-50 gigawatts of power. (As a ballpark figure, 1 household requires 1,000 watts of power to operate. Residential Tainan draws about 1 gigawatt of power)

Floating wind turbines are a new technology under development in various countries. An engineer from one of the leading research and development teams in Taiwan will lead the discussion.

Join us in person

Tainan, Taiwan



Sunday: Feb 25

19:30 – 21:30 (Taiwan Time UTC + 8)

(Taiwan: 7:30pm, Vietnam: 6:30pm, France: 12:30pm, Germany : 12:30pm, USA EST 6:30 am)

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