Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Date: May 26, 2024
Time: 19:30

Feminism is one of the most significant social and political movements in history. Since the 19th century, goals, beliefs, and approaches have changed significantly. However, many modern feminists agree on the central problem: patriarchy. But what is it?

Patriarchy encompasses much more than just a simple dictionary definition. This concept is used to explain everything from social and political movements to personal behavior and interpersonal relationships. Our presentation will begin with some relevant ideas from Marxism, structuralism, and deconstruction. With this background, will then explore a questions such as: How can it be defined? When did patriarchy begin and why? Is patriarchy present in every society? Is the patriarchy of today the same as the past?

Join us for a discussion of big ideas simply explained.

Live in Hanoi



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