This IPA chart is based on Received Pronunciation in the Cambridge online dictionary.

Received Pronunciation, or RP, is the British accent one typically hears on the BBC. Although there are many British accents, RP is the accent most commonly used in international instructional materials. Different British accents use different phoneme charts. (Think of the word received to mean the accent was received through formal learning rather than from parents. The majority of people from the U.K. do not speak with an RP accent.

Audio Phoneme Example
/ i/
/ ɪ/
/ e/
/ æ/
/ u/
/ u/
/ ʊ/
/ ʊ/
/ ʌ/
/ ɔ/
/ ɒ/
/ aɪ/
/ aɪ/
/ ə/
/ ə/
/ eɪ/
/ aʊ/
/ ɔɪ/
/ əʊ/
/ ɜː/
beat /biːt/
bit /bɪt/
bet /bet/
bat /bæt/
boot /buːt/
loot /luːt/
book /bʊk/
Luke /lʊːk/
but /bʌt/
bought /bɔːt/
hot /hɒt/
I /aɪ/
my /maɪ/
a /ə/
the /ðə/
bait /beɪt/
out /əʊt/
boy /bɔɪ/
boat /bəʊt/
bird /bɜːd/