Almost all multi-syllable words in English have one syllable with a primary stress. For some words there may be secondary stress marks. (These are ignored in the patterns below.) To learn how a word is divided into syllables, use a dictionary.

TwoSyl_p1 father, mother, apple, network, under, sister, finance, civil
 TwoSyl_p2 redo, remake, rethink, unlike
 ThreeSyl_p1 restaurant, applesauce, negative, positive, motherhood
 ThreeSyl_p2 unhappy, piano, determine, unfriendly, accounting
 ThreeSyl_p3 underneath, understand, overwhelm, overlap
 FourSyl_p1 Negatively, positively
 FourSyl_p2 America, technology, biology
FourSyl_p3  Intuition, engineering, economics
 FiveSyl_p3  university, electricity
 FiveSyl_p4  misunderstanding